A Frankie + Clo Story


Creative Director, Carolyn Yim draws on her family's heritage of working with institutions including Christian Dior, Bergdorf Goodman, and Ralph Lauren. Ply-Knits designs start from exquisite material selection such as peppery merinos and weighted cashmeres. They are distilled down to knitwear that quietly upholds an uncomplicated sense of feminine elegance. The lines are inspired by classic silhouettes, creating a harmonious balance between form and material.



Designer: Ply–Knits
Photographer: Robin Stein
Art Directors: Ania et Lucie
Model: Vanusa Savaris (NY Models)
Set Designer: Grace Hartnett
Stylist: Jessica Wu
Hair Stylist: Kiri Yoshiki
Makeup Artist: Akiko Owada

Special thanks to Marina Fairfax at NY Models, Elysia Belilove (Set Designer Assistant) and Diane Rao (Stylist Assistant).