Christina Albrecht

A Frankie + Clo Story


Fascinated by everyday life aesthetics, Christina Albrecht's designs explore the purely visual characteristics of a plastic bottle, a fake leather couch, the pattern of a supermarket ceiling or the interior design of public busses. By recapturing certain elements of their low-profile design and combining uncommon materials with traditional ones, Christina created a custom wardrobe for unpretentious, modern lives. Finding her inspiration in contemporary artist Katie Bell, this story combines both of their aesthetics mixing vacuum formed textiles with abstract home surfaces.



Fashion Designer: Christina Albrecht
Photographer: Joshua Woods
Art Directors: Ania et Lucie
Model: Fernanda Beuker (Elite Model)
Artist / Set Designer: Katie Bell
Stylist: Anna Santangelo
Hair Stylist: Kiri Yoshiki
Makeup Artist: Katie Mellinger

Special thanks to Joop Schouten (Elite Model).

- January 2017 -