Fabric is new community approach to fashion discovery and commerce.

We find and showcase content from emerging and established fashion designers and creatives. To support the platform we will sell items through our store and also refer our members to designers' websites. In addition, we are seeking likeminded individuals who see value in having a platform and community dedicated to fashion, to purchase a supporter membership. 

As part of being a supporter, you will have a say (only if you want to of course) in how the platform and community is developed. We want to bring fashion designers, photographers, art directors, stylists, hair & makeup artists, models, editors and the fashion curious together to create something truly unique that can benefit everyone equally.

Fabric will not be supported by advertising, as we believe this would not create an environment where genuine talent and quality would rise to the top, as exposure would be limited to only those that could afford to pay the platform for advertising. What we want is to create a more authentic and democratic approach where talent can be discovered through merit alone.  

Become a supporter and let's start creating something amazing together.

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